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3 Ways to Refresh Your Workplace

3 Ways to Refresh Your Workplace

Much of our week is spent working in an office. In order to keep morale, productivity, and inspiration up, it’s important to ensure that your office’s physical space is enlightening, that employees frequently communicate, and that they’re able to move throughout the day.

You don’t have to take drastic measures; even small changes can lead to huge shifts in the workplace. Here’s how:

Do a little re-decorating

A dreary office affects the flow of communication, reduces collaboration, and challenges inspiration. You don’t have to do a complete remodel to create measurable results, however. Adding greenery, better lighting, and re-thinking the color of your office will work just fine.

Plants are not only decorative, they add moisture to the air, reduce stress, and improve air quality. Greenery is relatively inexpensive and also a great option to add comfort to a sterile office environment (and hide ugly wires and office equipment).

And just as plants bring a bit of the outdoors inside, so does light. Because we spend most of our day hours at work, it’s essential that office lighting be adequate and natural whenever possible. Poor lighting can lead to headaches, eyestrain, and physical pain amongst employees. On the flip side, natural light aids our circadian rhythms, leading to better sleep quality and an increase in physical activity. Not only that, natural light makes us more productive. Can’t afford to put in new windows? Replace your light bulbs with color neutral options that mimic daylight.

Speaking of color, it’s been proven that color has an impact on our psychology. The standard office colors of white and gray can take a toll on employee morale, so instead, opt for bold colors if your office could use a creative boost. Even adding colored lampshades, vases, and other decorative items will make a difference.

Eat lunch together

When employees eat lunch together they build camaraderie and develop deeper work relationships, thus increasing productivity.

Eating lunch together also provides a chance to network and get to know co-workers from other departments. By building inter-department relationships, your office is less likely to feel divided and more likely to come together as a team.

Companies whose employees eat lunch together have noticed increased retention and happier employees. The easiest way to inspire sitting down and eating lunch together is by hiring a corporate lunch caterer. When everyone’s meal arrives at the same time, they’re likely to strike up a conversation and continue it over lunch.

Incorporate Movement

The sitting we do at the office is becoming a health hazard. While you may not have a company gym, there are many fitness companies who will come to your office and lead exercises for your team. You can also select a fitness guru from your staff to direct everyone in periodic stretches or set a timer that requires employees to stand up and walk around throughout the day.

As a bonus, investing in ergonomic office equipment such as standing desks not only increases movement, it leads to an increase in health and a boost in productivity as well.

Refreshing your office not only creates a happier environment, it builds a strong team and saves money down the road.

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