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Promoting Sustainability through Corporate Lunch Consumption

Rootastes wants to make eating a healthy lunch easier for corporate employees so they can work happy and productively. We believe that nourishment is the cornerstone to an active mind and body, which is why our lunches are prepared fresh from healthy and- whenever possible- local ingredients.

Nourishment does not have to be compromised by convenience. We deliver food from farm to our kitchen to you so everyone wins. Work smart and hard.

Rootastes was born from a simple idea: create a curated lunchbox service with gourmet and conscientious ingredients serving the Greater Boston Corporate Offices while boosting corporate employee the bottom line.

Beyond Lunch Experience

Our mission is to create an exciting office lunch delivery experience without compromise. We envision food that not only is authentic and tastes great - it’s also made with healthier, fresher ingredients. Good for people, our community, and the planet.

EatREAL Certified 

eatReal is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization dedicating to fighting diet-related disease by realigning the food service industry’s incentives with consumers’ health interests. It was launched by the US Healthful Food Council.

Our certification with eatREAL demonstrates our commitment to providing healthy options, cutting down or eliminating fried and processed foods, and using local and sustainable vendors.

REAL stands for Responsible Epicurean Agricultural Leadership.

  1. Responsible: Food and beverage options provide health benefits.
  2. Epicurean: Preparation maintains or enhances healthfulness of food.
  3. Agricultural: Food is sourced with a focus on quality, sustainability, and animal welfare standards.
  4. Leadership: Establishment demonstrates best practices and enables better choices.

Our certification means that we were audited for both health and sustainability by a Registered Dietitian and by the US Healthful Food Council.

Rootastes is working to create a better food system for all, and that includes farm animals too. We are committed to sourcing all of our Chicken and Beef from farms that achieve an animal welfare certification recognized by the EatREAL and the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program by 2021 or sooner.

Furthermore, by 2024, we will source only chicken certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) or another third-party auditing animal welfare certification program that meets or betters GAP’s standards for broiler breeds and rearing conditions (including lighting, litter, space, and enrichment). We will also make sure that our birds are processed in a system that utilizes a pre-shackle multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that’s widely hailed as more humane.