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The Root of It All

As our name implies, we at Rootastes strive to dish up delicious and healthy lunches from plants and other local ingredients. This category reflects our core values and news from Rootastes.


A stellar company culture builds a strong team, dedicated employees, and awesome results. In this category, we’ll show you how to bring your company culture to the next level.

Food Trends

Ready to break out of your food rut? In this category, we share what’s hot on the plates of trendsetters from around the world (and on Instagram!) from recipes to ingredients, as well as news about the eat local movement and breakout diets.


A healthy lifestyle is about balance between food, movement, and mindfulness. In this category, we’re sharing tips on how to incorporate healthier choices into your lifestyle from food, fitness, and beauty to routines that help tie everything together.


How would you like to boost productivity and profit in your office? Build a killer company culture? Attract and retain the best and the brightest? We’re sharing tips and tricks on how to elevate your company in our to-the-point, easy-to-read ebooks.