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6 Platforms That Will Make Office Life Way Easier

6 Platforms That Will Make Office Life Way Easier

Working in the corporate world brings an array of time-related challenges. When seconds matter, it is essential that processes are in order and everything runs smoothly.

There are external platforms such as software and websites that do wonders to cut time and make your life way easier. Here are a few of our favorites:

Password Manager

Passwords have become complicated. Not only do we need to include a capital letter, symbol, number, and achieve a certain character limit, we can’t use the same password across all systems and have to change them often.

A password manager remembers your passwords so you don’t have to, and keeps them protected.

Catered Lunch

It’s important to ensure that your employees enjoy a healthy lunch, but it’s a challenge to find the time to do so. By hiring a corporate lunch provider, you’ll be able to provide your employees a nutritious meal they’re sure to love.

Project Management

With the increase of telecommuting, it’s more important than ever to ensure everyone on your team understands his or her goals and deadlines.

A project management platform allows you to create tasks within multiple projects and assign whom the task belongs to as well as the deadline. Some operate like the Kanban board method while others allow you to communicate within the platform and attach emails to projects.

File Sharing

With more and more work being completed digitally, it’s important to have a file sharing software that allows employees to edit a single document in real time, and for those changes to take effect across the board. Not only that, file-sharing software stores your documents in the cloud so if a computer crashes, they can still be accessed.

Marketing Management

Scheduling social media posts and e-newsletters ahead of time is good planning, ensures you adhere to your marketing plan, and allows for better content to be published.

Office Supply Delivery

Office supplies run out quickly and it’s a real time waster to send an employee to a supply store when you suddenly realize you’re out of copy paper. Office supply delivery services not only eliminate a chunk of time from the equation, some deliverers keep track of your inventory so you’ll never know when you run out of copy paper- because you won’t.

These platforms are sure to increase your efficiency, save you time, and make your office life way easier.

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