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7 Questions to Ask A Potential Corporate Lunch Provider

7 Questions to Ask A Potential Corporate Lunch Provider

Metropolitan companies are seeing the light and beginning to offer corporate lunch to employees. It’s one benefit they truly salivate over, and one that actually helps your company earn in more ways than one.

If you’re a corporate lunch newbie, we’re here to help you out. Below are a few of our frequently asked questions that we believe you should always ask a potential corporate lunch provider. No taste test required. (Though it would help!)

“Our lunch hour is strict. How do we know you will deliver on time?”

A good corporate lunch provider understands that lunch hour is just that- an hour. Fast food isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it’s prepared with care and fresh ingredients by a professional company. Ask what their delivery time frame is and if the company has a percentage that backs up their on-time delivery.

How does ordering lunch work? Is it easy?

In such a fast-paced world, you want to ensure ordering lunch doesn’t take as long as eating it. Ask if your potential corporate lunch provider offers a simple app or is strictly over the phone. If it’s the latter, you’re likely to need an intern to handle not only the coffee orders, but the lunch orders as well. Also be sure to ask when orders need to be placed.

Do you have a minimum lunch order requirement?

This is essential to ask before entering into an agreement with a corporate lunch provider. If your company is small, it may be nearly impossible for you to meet the minimum everyday, which makes corporate lunch a benefit used less than sick days.

What other companies do you work with?

Not only will you have a potential resource to reach out to for feedback, you’ll be able to determine how well a corporate lunch provider is able to satisfy a company with a similar location and demographic as yours.

Where and when is my lunch order prepared?

If you’re investing in your employees’ well being, you want to be sure their lunches are prepared fresh and in close proximity to your office.

Where do you source your ingredients?

If your company supports sustainability and localvorism, be sure to ask this question. With the farm-to-table movement on the rise, many companies are sourcing the majority of their ingredients from local farms.

I have multiple employees with dietary restrictions or preferences. How will you work with them?

With such a diverse range of dietary restrictions or preferences in the workplace, it’s imperative to find a company that supports at least most of them. Ask if the corporate lunch provider offers gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and even vegan options. And don’t settle for a bland salad. Corporate lunch is an employee benefit, and to reap the return on investment, employees must be satisfied- both by nourishment and taste.

Hungry for more? Check out our FAQs and a full description of our corporate lunch ordering process.

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