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Make Your Office Lunch Easier With Meal Delivery

Make Your Office Lunch Easier With Meal Delivery

What’s for lunch? It’s a perennial question. On lucky days, you can repurpose last night’s leftover dinner into today’s lunch, but on unlucky days, this simple question can be a challenge.

Some workers don’t like to cook, while others hate trips to the grocery store. Regardless of your ability or motivation, there are many other workers in the same position. Fortunately, in today’s world there are a variety of tools that can help you figure out some ideas.

Startups such as Rootastes and Lunchowl are curated lunch delivery services that aim to make your corporate lunch more enjoyable- and nutritious. All you have to do is visit their website and place your order a day in advance. These start-ups typically deliver directly to your office just in time for lunch.

So when lunch hour hits, take a stroll to your front office, pick up your meal, and enjoy!

More and more companies are offering lunch delivery, and we’ve compiled a quick cheat sheet to help you determine which company is right for you.

3 tips to quickly choose which lunch delivery service is right for your office

Determine what food styles your co-workers like.

Does your office like Thai? Italian? Just a sandwich? It’s better to determine which food styles your co-workers like before searching for a local lunch delivery service provider.

While it’s easy to find a great company, reading through every single one’s lunch menu is time consuming. Narrow down to one or two food styles and read through a few companies to be sure they have at least one item on the menu that will satisfy each worker.

As most companies set a minimum order limit, it’s good to check with your co-workers before falling in love with a company that only you like.

Register for a subscription program.

Most subscription programs help you match an office lunch delivery service provider’s menu to what your company is looking for. Notably, it helps you to avoid your disliked or allergen ingredients based on your previous data input and their recommendation system.

This makes it easy for you to check back multiple times without having to type in your information all over again. Did we forget to mention promotion deals?

Remember to check delivery locations.

Be sure to check that your office is within the office lunch provider’s delivery range.

More and more companies are also offering a corporate well-being program and may even pay for your lunch. Win, win!

Ordering lunch through an office lunch delivery service not only saves time, it’s a simple answer to the perennial question, “What’s for lunch?

Meet Rootasters:

Ploy is currently residing in Massachusetts to pursue her passion on being rice specialist and believing in the power of nature. Growing up from exploring exotic places is her favorite with a cup of tea in her hand and a healthy meal in her tummy.


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