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10 Instagram Food Trends We Love

10 Instagram Food Trends We Love

Oh, Instagram. You’re one to make us perpetually hungry and willing to try almost anything. As a dedication to the virtual foodie community, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Instagram food trends from the believable all the way to the end of the rainbow.

1. Cloud eggs

We may not feel like we’re floating on cloud nine when we wake up, but cloud eggs at least give us a reason to enjoy the morning. The whites are separated from the yolks, whipped, and arranged into a cloud shape on a baking sheet. After baking for a few minutes, the yolk is added, baked a bit more, and you’re practically eating the sun.

2. Matcha

Matcha is like the pro wrestler version of green tea, adding super antioxidants and a bold green color. While we enjoy matcha lattes, we’ve also grown fond of matcha cheesecake, chia pudding, popsicles, macarons, and more.

3. Burrito everything

Burritos are the perfect vehicle to transport a myriad of fillings while on the go. While we love ourselves an old-fashioned bean burrito, we’ve also become partial to breakfast burritos, mac & cheese burritos, and sushi burritos.

4. Black is back: activated charcoal

And you thought activated charcoal was just an awesome facial cleanser. Though it doesn’t contribute much in the flavor department, activated charcoal is a novelty way to experience your dark side. Or at least eat it. Our favorites are ice cream, lemonade, and burger buns.

5. Maybe color’s your thing? Rainbow food is also in style.

Call it unicorn, mermaid, or rainbow- either way, you’re in for a colorful delight. The rainbow trend has loaned its palette to toast, layer cakes, sushi, and lattes- and we’re tempted to eat it all while dressed as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

6. Avocado toast

How can something so simple taste so decadent? Avocado toast manages this feat without the guilt. We love the silky texture of avocado paired with the crunch of toast. Add pepper and some olive oil and you’re good to go. But, of course, the Instagram community has found ways to jazz it up, adding a southwestern flair with eggs and salsa; a taste of Italy with basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes; and even good old chocolate.

7. Maple water

You’ve heard of coconut water, now New England has debuted its sweet take on this refreshing beverage. Maple water is the pure sap from maple trees that hasn’t been boiled down to make maple syrup. It’s subtly sweet but with half the sugar of coconut water. Not only that, maple water is rich in calcium, iron, and the antioxidant manganese.

8. Overnight oats

This isn’t the oats with raisins and brown sugar your grandparents order for breakfast, overnight oats are efficient and crave-worthy. Simply shake uncooked oats with milk, leave overnight, and voila! Breakfast to go. Overnight oats can be dressed for any palette, our favorite ensembles being strawberry cheesecake, coconut cream pie, and peanut butter and banana.

9. We never strike out with bowls

It’s not like bowls are an extraordinary invention, they’re actually pretty basic. What infatuates us with bowls is the visual impact they have. They say eating begins with the eyes and bowls are a true testament to that. We love the pop of color and texture that comes them, which is why bowls will forever be in our hearts.

10. Latte art

Call us cliché but you can’t deny that seeing a leaf doodled in your latte makes you smile. With latte art exploding on Instagram, baristas are definitely bringing their A-game to outdo the rest. We’ve seen pirates, pandas, actual portraits, and even a cat leaping from one cup to go fishing in another. Latte art will never go out of style.

What’s your favorite Instagram food trend? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to check it out.

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