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3 Tips to Avoid Junk Food at the Office

3 Tips to Avoid Junk Food at the Office

It’s hard enough to skip mindless snacking, but when the holidays hit or someone unloads a tablescape of doughnuts, candy, and other not-so-healthy treats, the challenge to skip junk food at the office is even more difficult.

In fact, free food accounts for 71% of all calories acquired at work, an average of 1,277 calories!

With a few tricks, however, you’ll be able to pass up temptation.

Get your office lunch delivered or meal plan.

Humans are creatures of habit. But whether we reach for bad foods out of habit, mindlessness, or convenience, with a little pre-planning, we can break that cycle.

Having ready-to-eat foods available makes it easier to reach for something healthy. Stash snacks at your desk and in the office fridge so you’re good to go.

When it comes to lunch, plan your meals for the week so all you have to do in the morning is grab your lunchbox and go. On the days you didn’t have time to pack your lunch (or forgot it!), consider having your office lunches delivered from a healthy caterer or restaurant.

Reduce your stress.

Ever heard of stress weight? Not only do stress hormones pack on the pounds, so do the foods we’re inclined to reach for when stressed.

While stress is nearly impossible to avoid completely, it can often be managed. Get into the habit of brewing a cup of tea, stretching, or taking a brisk walk around the office when your stress levels rise.

Find an accountability buddy at the office.

Reverse peer pressure by assembling allies who are also on the healthy eating bandwagon. Not only will they hold you accountable, you won’t feel left out or like a party pooper for being the only one to skip the birthday cake.

Even better, organize a workplace wellness challenge to inspire healthy changes throughout your office.

Avoiding junk food is certainly a challenge, but not an impossible feat. With enough preparation and support, healthy eating will be your new go-to.

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