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4 Non-Sugar Beverages You Really Must Try This Fall

4 Non-Sugar Beverages You Really Must Try This Fall

When you face the familiar afternoon slump, you may reach for a can of your favorite soda pop. However, the brief energy boost of sugary drinks comes with the heavy price of blood sugar drop and ensuing fatigue, irritability, and excess hunger. Conventional diet beverages also have potentially harmful health effects, like a link to weight gain and a higher risk of type 2 diabetes

Today, more and more health-conscious consumers are looking for wholesome non-sugar beverages to sip on a leisurely afternoon or pair with food at work. Try out these four healthy canned drinks you can enjoy without guilt.


Emshika’s offers a line of sugar-free Thai tea and coffee in the basic and latte versions. Emshika’s coffee latte and tea latte contain oat milk and are entirely dairy-free. No-sugar drinks by Emshika’s provide subtle sweetness thanks to nitro infusion and monk fruit sweetener. These made-in-the-USA beverages boast a 100% natural list of ingredients.

Emshika’s unique products owe their quality to time-perfected family recipes. The canned beverages pair beautifully with Thai food and also work as a base for cocktails. Assam Thai tea is a high-mineral beverage full of healthy antioxidants.

With Emshika's, iced Thai tea and coffee become a healthy, high-quality beverage choice. Enjoy drinks by Emshika's at Rootastes’ Boston Public Market store.


As the brand name implies, Avec (“with” in French) specializes in drinks that mix well with alcoholic beverages but can also work well as standalone refreshing beverages on a cozy fall afternoon.

Some products by Avec are entirely sugar-free, while others are low-sugar. Avec’s carbonated mixers are delicious and healthful thanks to a base of natural juice, spices, and herbal botanicals. For example, the hibiscus and pomegranate drink contains organic pomegranate and lime juice and extracts of hibiscus, Persian lime, and Ceylon cinnamon.

Avec’s other flavors include:

  •       Ginger
  •       Jalapeño & blood orange
  •       Grapefruit & pomelo
  •       Yuzu & lime

Avec drinks enjoy well-deserved popularity thanks to their refreshing, complex flavors. Avec mixers are perfect for adult celebrations with a healthful vibe. 


Minna offers a range of delicious, sustainably produced sparkling teas with no sugar or artificial additives. All Minna teas contain only organic, non-GMO ingredients. The brand, which advocates for fair trade and sustainability, donates 1% of its sales to inclusion-promoting nonprofits.

Teas by Minna include peach yuzu, orange mango, pineapple passionfruit, cherry cacao, and lime hibiscus rooibos. The brand also offers a variety pack for those who want to try all Minna’s flavors.

Minna is the ideal solution for people who want to curb their soda habit without sacrificing taste. These lightly-brewed teas come with zero calories and a moderate fizz. Reviewers praise Minna teas for their deep natural flavors and refreshing qualities.


The selection of healthful non-sugar beverages is expanding with the upcoming launch of Baloo, a range of sparkling waters enriches with vitamins, stress-reducing adaptogens, and cognition-enhancing nootropics. Non-sugar drinks by Baloo contain no calories or sugar and promise to deliver the perfect refreshment on a busy morning or hot afternoon.

Baloo’s upcoming flavors include grapefruit & mint, blood orange & basil, and the classic lemon & ginger. These drinks will likely gain a fan base among people looking for healthier alternatives to soda pop.

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