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7 Halloween Dessert Recipes With No Spooky Ingredients

7 Halloween Dessert Recipes With No Spooky Ingredients

Halloween is the kick-off to a season of candy, pumpkin pies, and fruitcake. While October through December can be the most challenging time of year to stay in shape, opting for healthier versions of our favorite treats is a simple way to celebrate the holiday season without needing a larger pair of pants.

To help you stay in those skinny jeans, we’re sharing seven Halloween dessert recipes with no spooky ingredients!

Candy Corn Fruit Parfait

This adorable dessert calls for pineapple, orange, and fresh whipped cream to create those signature candy corn stripes. As most of the parfait is fruit, you’re also less likely to be left with a sugar high. Recipe here.

Chocolate Pumpkin Tart

Get your chocolate fix with this spider web-inspired tart. Filled with chocolate and spiced pumpkin, the white of the spider web is formed with a coconut butter topping. Recipe here.

Bloody Cups

This spooky spin on a peanut butter cup is both delightful and delicious. Frozen raspberries take on the appearance of blood oozing out of a chocolaty cup and the entire dessert is sweetened with agave syrup. Substitute raspberries with strawberries for a brighter color, and consider adding peanut butter for even more dessert satisfaction. Recipe here.

Paleo Halloween Cookies

Opting for almond flour and coconut sugar, this recipe is a healthier take on sugar cookies. Cut the dough into spooky shapes like pumpkins, cats, and ghosts, and then top with the paleo colored frosting. >Recipe here.

Strawberry Ghost Pops

While more adorable than scary, these strawberry ghost pops are a dose of sweetness and Halloween spirit. Simply dip cold strawberries in melted white chocolate, add edible eyes and a stick and allow to set in the refrigerator. Recipe here.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Vegan friendly! This ice cream recipe calls for bananas and pumpkin puree instead of milk and cream and is sweetened with maple syrup. Add pumpkin spice, freeze, and you’re good to go! No churning necessary. Recipe here.

Witch Finger Cookies

This creepy cookie calls for a coconut flour base with a homemade strawberry jam and sliced almond fingernail. Recipe here.

Halloween desserts are meant to be scary, but their ingredients don’t have to be. Prepare them ahead of time and you won’t feel tricked during trick-or-treat.

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