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Berries For Beauty

Berries For Beauty

Berries can do more for your beauty routine than add flavor to lip balm. They’ve been used for centuries as anti-aging nuggets, moisturizing ingredients, and to add rich colors to cosmetics.

Add some of nature’s candy to your beauty routine for a bounty of benefits. Continue reading to learn why we love berries for beauty.


Berries are a natural fighter of the aging process. Blueberries are known for their high antioxidant content as well as for their enzymes and vitamin C, which can smooth out fine lines, plump the skin, and help erase wrinkles and dark spots. Their sweet aroma is what makes this anti-aging berry mask a hit.

Another berry to add to your anti-aging routine is the goji berry. Goji berries were discovered by Buddhist monks in the Tibetan mountains and have been nicknamed the “red diamond” for their nutritional and medicinal benefits. Their high source of antioxidants and detoxifying properties improves firmness and protects skin’s youthful bounce. Add this simple goji berry facial mask to your beauty routine to maintain your youthful vitality.


Along with berries as a whole, berry seed oils are rich in antioxidants, making them anti-aging and a wonderful moisturizer. Paired with honey, you can say goodbye to dry skin for good.

This berry seed facial cream uses chokeberry and raspberry seed oils for moisture.


Cosmetics have been around for thousands of years. Modern make-up gained traction in recent history during the eighteenth century then declined post American Revolution. Use of make-up picked up again in the nineteenth century with women relying on recipes from friends and magazines to make their own products. Because make-up had a bad rep for quite some time, the first cosmetic companies relied on the “natural” look, using ingredients from nature to add color.

Berries were a popular option for their rich color and sweet flavor. If you’re not a fan of lipstick or lip gloss, lip stains are an excellent option. This berry lip stain adds a rich red to lips from blackberries, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds. You can adjust the color by playing with the ratio of each berry.

Add a bit of berry to your beauty routine for a fresh face, soft skin, and a pop of color.

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