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Edamame: Your New Snack Savior

Edamame: Your New Snack Savior

A healthy lunch is dream for many, but it can be a challenging one to make reality. According to The New York Times’ article, “Failure to Lunch” by Malia Wollan, “Taking time off for lunch has increasingly become a sign of idleness.

Because of this, it’s common for office workers to either snack at their desk through lunch or reach for a convenient and unhealthy meal such as pizza. It’s also common for “food altars” to appear in the breakroom, which those piles of brownies, cookies, coffee and doughnuts your kind hearted co-workers haul in.

If you’ve fallen into either of these traps, edamame can be your savior.

Edamame is a fancy name for steamed and salted green soybeans, a well-known appetizer in Japanese cuisine. As a member of the legume family, edamame is high in protein and fiber while low in calories, making it a favorable option for those trying to maintain or lose weight , as well as those suffering from gout.

Why Edamame Is Your New Snack Savior?

Easy to Make and Mix Up

Preparing edamame is as easy as boiling an egg, and can seasoned in many different ways as well. Give the crispy parmesan garlic edamame a try for a savory taste.

Be Either Main Dish or Snack

Edamame has a soft taste with a salty crunch, making it satisfying as a main dish or a snack. Add it to a salad such as the quinoa corn edamame salad or edamame cranberry and feta salad, or enjoy as a side dish with grilled salmon.

People likely grab something quick to eat while tackling a mounting pile of to-dos at work, which often leads to making the wrong decisions. Instead of feeding your tummy with chocolate, chips or unhealthy snack bars, give dry roasted edamame a try. You can even make a protein-packed edamame hummus and enjoy with vegetables.

Fit for Desk Dining

Nowadays it’s inevitable to fall into desk dining. Instead of mindlessly eating items from the food altar, keep healthy snacks handy. Edamame is easy to eat with one hand, leaving the other for answering phone calls and mouse clicking. No need to worry if edamame will stain your desk or uniform.

Delay Your Hunger

As edamame is high in fiber, it helps reduce cholesterol levels and gives a sense of fullness, making edamame the perfect savior for the gap in between lunch and dinner.

Making a food altar of healthy snacks such as edamame at your desk will keep you healthy, happy, and productive. Snack on!

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