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Why Locally Grown Food Tastes Better and Is Better For You

Why Locally Grown Food Tastes Better and Is Better For You

We humans are everywhere, and like ants, have always scurried around our food sources. Unlike ants, however, our population has been booming and expanding for decades, reaching farther and farther away from our food.

Since industrialization, Malthusian’s theory kicked in, leading to problems that forced industrialists to discover ways to speed up food production, such as hormone injection and crop engineering. While industrialists solved the food shortage crisis, they lost credibility with consumers, simultaneously compelling them to seek new and more friendly food sources.

It’s time to think pre-industrial. When we farm or buy food from farms, we are not only supporting our local economy, we are receiving more nutrients from what we eat.

But why is food from local farms better?

Food from Local Farms Is More Nutrient Dense.

Nutrients in fruits and veggies start to deplenish once they are harvested. Shorter transportation means fewer nutrient losses. This is why local farms can provide you with more nutrient-packed foods compared to foods grown across the country and especially across the world. Not only that, foods that travel are more likely to be treated with chemicals to prolong their shelf-life. Ick!

Food from Local Farms Tastes Better.

Produce such as fruits and vegetables are tastiest fresh, and the best way to maximize freshness is to buy local. In most cases, produce grown on local farms is picked in the morning at the peak of ripeness and is in your hands by the afternoon.

With such a short farm-to-table time lapse, the produce doesn’t have to be wax coated, so you enjoy the full sensory experience of eating from taste to touch to smell. Picture a fresh apple. You can see its tiny hairs and even catch the fragrant apple scent wafting around your nose. Delicious!

Furthermore, fresh foods boost happiness! Not only from the joy of picking products at your local farm, but being out in the sunshine amidst nature as well.

Food from Local Farms Is Truly Savory

Products such as meats, cheeses, and eggs that come from local farms who are certified organic give you peace of mind and more delicious flavors. You have no need to worry about antibiotics or hormones leaking into what you eat, and the quality of life of the animals producing the products is high.

Hens who are free-ranged are not only happier, they’re healthier. This is apparent with the rich yellow yolks they lay in their eggs, a sign of the egg’s high nutrient content and freshness. No need to apply complex cooking techniques; flavor comes naturally from the products themselves. SImply boil or quick fry and enjoy the miraculous taste of nature.

Local Farmers Are More Than Willing to Share Information And Recipes

No one knows their product better than local farmers, ranchers and artisans. Talking with them allows you to learn about different foods you may not have tried before, and gives you a better understanding of where your food comes from.

So spend your weekends in the sunshine of a local farm instead of the local supermarket. If you don’t have a local farm, give a farmer’s market a try! Don’t forget to check opening and closing times- farms don’t always open when the sun comes up and the rooster crows.

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