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Pump Up Your Beauty Routine With Pumpkin

Pump Up Your Beauty Routine With Pumpkin

It’s fall and there’s a crisply cool breeze in the air. As Halloween approaches the scent of pumpkin can be enjoyed almost everywhere, and we love adding this fall favorite to more than just pie.

Pumpkin’s nourishing properties make it a great ingredient for any skincare routine, especially when the weather turns cold. Continue reading for our favorite pumpkin beauty recipes!

Nourishing Body Butter

The fruit’s Vitamin A and C content helps to soften and soothe skin while also boosting collagen. Try this pumpkin soufflé body butter for soft skin that’s in season.

Pampering Facial

Pair pumpkin with honey and you’re left with a nourishing facemask that’s tough on acne. The small molecular structure of pumpkin allows it to penetrate the skin on a deeper level, making it amazing for treating a dull complexion and aging skin. Add pumpkin seeds for their high levels of zinc for an acne punch.

Sensational Foot Scrub

The hydroxyl acid in pumpkin makes it easy to rinse off dead skin without the scrubbing. Simply follow this foot scrub recipe (it also calls for egg and honey!), allow to set, and then rinse off.

Treat yourself to a spa day at the pumpkin patch! Pumpkin spice latte optional. ;)

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