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Snack Kind, Snack Savory

Snack Kind, Snack Savory

We’re all for eating kind, but the vegan diet can sure be a challenge to our snack game. Vegan snacks tend to err on the side of rice cakes, which have a reputation for resembling cardboard.

To combat the vegan snack time woes, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite snacks that are nutritious, filling, and oh so savory.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes have been lauded for their nutrient content and have even been dubbed a super food. An excellent replacement for white potatoes, they contain fewer calories and nutrients that keep you fuller longer.

We revel in the crunchiness of baked sweet potato chips as well as the soft saltiness of sweet potato French fries.


And you thought quinoa was a lunch dish. A fiber and protein-packed seed, quinoa was named a “super crop” by the United Nations for its high content of trace nutrients.

We love it for its versatility and ability to keep us full until quitting time. Our go-to’s are chocolate peanut butter quinoa & chia bars and chocolate quinoa muffins.


Edamame is a satisfying blend of convenience and flavor. These steamed green soybeans have a soft taste with a salty crunch and can be seasoned in a variety of ways.

We enjoy crispy parmesan garlic edamame (hold the parmesan), avocado hummus with edamame, and the edamame and mango summer salad.

Avocado Toast

This Instagram food trend is here to stay- at least in our cookbooks! Avocado toast is decadently simple and can be paired with strawberries and black pepper, crushed red pepper and olive oil, or black beans, lime juice, and hot sauce.  


Before you run away, have you given kale chips a try? We love this recipe for sea salt and garlic kale chips, but the seasoning possibilities are endless.

If you’re a fan of kale, try kale banana muffins or kale brownies. The dairy ingredients can easily be swapped out. We think you should give kale a chance.


Along with heart health, walnuts are helpful when pursuing a good night’s sleep. They contain tryptophan (just like turkey!), an amino acid required to make melatonin.

The flavors of rosemary thyme candied walnuts are savory and delicious, while chocolate lovers will go nuts over chocolate dipped walnuts with sea salt.

We recommend enjoying walnuts in the late afternoon when there’s not a deadline looming above your head.


Unlike walnuts, matcha provides a caffeine boost that will power you through morning, noon, and night. Remember that deadline we mentioned? Matcha will help you kill it.

While matcha is a green tea powder traditionally used in beverages, it’s easy to incorporate into snacks. Pop a matcha chia seed energy bite or crunch on matcha cornflake clusters.

Eating kind doesn’t mean you have to eat bland. Plan ahead and enjoy a savory snack all week long.

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