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Green Beauty: Why You Should Add Avocado to Your Beauty Routine

Green Beauty: Why You Should Add Avocado to Your Beauty Routine

Avocados- we love them on toast, in salads, and as part of our beauty routine.

Due their high oleic acid (about 63%), avocados and avocado oil are highly moisturizing. Oleic acid is a fatty acid that enhances skin permeability, meaning the moisture in avocados sink into the skin better than coconut oil (5-10% oleic acid) and grape seed oil (16.2% oleic acid).

Avocados are also rich in chlorophyll, which aids in the appearance of brighter looking skin. Here are our favorite ways to incorporate avocado into our beauty routine:


Hydrate the face with an avocado mask. Try this recipe with honey to fight blackheads, turn to this kiwi infused recipe to boost collagen, or this turmeric-tinted recipe for perfect skin.  


With summer days soon to arrive, it’s time to start thinking of sun protection. Avocado oil is a fabulous addition to any sun care routine due to its moisturizing properties and up to SPF 15 factor. Use it as the carrier oil in this homemade sunscreen recipe.


Due to avocado oil’s moisturizing ability, it’s a great go-to for treating heat damaged or dandruff-laden hair. Not only that, avocado oil adds shine to the hair, prevents hair loss, and can be used to detangle hair in a pinch.

The best way to apply avocado oil to hair is to soak the hair in warm or cold water first. After that, apply a mixture of 1 tablespoon of avocado oil, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and ½ tablespoon of honey and one egg white, allowing it to sit in the hair for 10 minutes before rinsing out.

Next time you make guacamole, be sure to save some avocado for your beauty routine!

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