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Why You Have to Try the Mediterranean Diet

Why You Have to Try the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is frequently recognized as one of the healthiest diets around for its emphasis on fresh produce and filling grains. It’s been cited that people who live in the Mediterranean Sea region live longer and have lower rates of cancer and cardiovascular ailments than Americans.

But above all the health hype, the Mediterranean diet is delicious and easy to follow. Keep reading to discover why you have to try this top diet!

The flavors!

The Mediterranean diet is centered on fresh, wholesome foods originating in the Mediterranean Sea region, of course. Dishes include ingredients such as root vegetables, hummus, tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil, and fresh herbs.

We love the salty juiciness of a grilled zucchini hummus wrap and creamy tzatziki sauce with warm pita bread for a quick snack. Other Mediterranean favorites include tabbouleh, kale stew, the Greek salad, and the gyro sandwich.


There are different ways to follow the Mediterranean Diet (Greek versus French approach), but they all adhere to the same simple, easy-to-follow guidelines.

In 1993 Oldways created the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid with the Harvard School of Public Health and World Health Organization (WHO). At the base of the pyramid is physical activity and enjoying meals with others, the social aspect of the Mediterranean Diet.

Above the base lie the staple foods of the Mediterranean Diet, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, herbs, spices, nuts, and healthy fats.

The next category is seafood, typically enjoyed twice per week. Dairy, specifically yogurt and traditional cheeses, eggs, and poultry are enjoyed often but in moderation.

At the very top of the pyramid is red meat and sweets, which are rarely eaten. Typical beverages include water- of course- and red wine. Cheers to that!

It’s healthy

Based on the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, it’s easy to see why the diet is so healthy. Being a plant-based diet, the Mayo Clinic reveals that the Mediterranean way of eating leads to lower levels of bad cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and more.

Furthermore, the Mediterranean diet is a balanced way of eating as it includes servings of fresh produce, healthy fats, filling whole grains, and herbs and spices for flavor instead of salt.

With an emphasis on fresh and wholesome, you won’t find trans fats, chemicals, or high amounts of sodium in the Mediterranean diet.

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