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5 Ways to Declutter Your Workspace and Uplift Your Productivity

5 Ways to Declutter Your Workspace and Uplift Your Productivity

Whether you’ve switched to working from home or are still commuting to the office, you probably know the struggle of finding that sweet spot of productivity during the workday. Clutter is one of our biggest enemies when it comes to lack of motivation, and according to Forbes, it can harm your physical and mental well-being.

Rootastes believes in making work your happy place, which is why we offer companies a way to cater food at work for their employees. We’ve jotted down some tips to help you declutter and boost productivity no matter where you’re working.

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Create Space on Your Desk

Let’s face it. When there are coffee mugs, piles of paper, notebooks, a cat, pens, and whatever else is on your desk, it will be hard to focus on work. A good work environment is vital to keeping your mood and productivity high.

Have you ever heard of “out of sight, out of mind”? We can apply that here, too. If you take some time before you start working each day to organize your desk, you can avoid thinking about junk and focus on your deadlines.

Organize Your Computer

A cluttered computer can be just as bad as a messy desk. It counts as your workspace, too! There are files, programs, and tools you use every day, and finding them when you need them is essential for maximizing your time.

Here’s a project for you: make a list of everything you use on your computer during a typical workday. Sort those items into categories, like “meeting notes,” “editing software,” etc. Use the organization you’ve created to make folders and shortcuts on your desktop.

Get Rid of Excess Paper

Paperwork is one of those things that accumulate because you think you might need it again one day. In reality, you end up with a stack of paper that you never look at again until you’re adding another one on top.

Today is the day you conquer that habit and boost productivity. Take a few minutes to sort the papers into “keep” and “discard” piles, and throw away what you don’t need. As for the documents you must keep, there are many ways to organize your paperwork without creating clutter.

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Take Control of Your Inbox

Email messages are most workers’ source of their daily tasks. When you check your email, you want to ensure you’re not missing anything important. Over time, your inbox gets cluttered with subscriptions and daily progress emails that make checking it an overwhelming task.

To avoid letting your inbox get out of hand, unsubscribe from unnecessary emails whenever you see them. You can also create folders to sort important messages and set up automatic processes to make it even easier.

Put Things Where You Can Find Them

Getting things off your desk and out of your way is great, but make sure you’re not putting the things you need too far out of your reach. You might need quick access to stationery, tools, or devices, depending on your work.

Shelves and filing cabinets will come in handy for keeping your stuff neat and organized. Labeling them will take the convenience one step further. Remember to occasionally tidy these areas to avoid making them the new clutter zones.

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