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The Root of It All

The Root of It All

As our name implies, we strive to dish up delicious and healthy lunches from plants and other local ingredients. Our core values remind us of these roots.

Improve Corporate Lunch

Convenient, and healthy lunches are at the root of what we do. We were founded on this very principle and cater to satisfying and delighting your tastebuds while nourishing your body.

We offer globally inspired healthy meals that fit into your urban lifestyle and need for convenience. We’re lunchbox-style food made from conscientious ingredients. Quality of lunch is important and we will not compromise it for taste.

Boost Collaboration and Satisfaction

When employees eat together they feel more like a team. Not only does enjoying lunch together foster a greater exchange of ideas, eating healthy lunches fosters improved job satisfaction.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Offering healthy corporate lunch is not only convenient and cost effective for your employees, it has been proven to increase your company’s bottom line. With increased productivity and decreased employee turnover, lunch may not be free, but it will sure make your bottom line look good.

Use Healthy and Primarily Local Ingredients

Sourcing ingredients from local farms allow us to cook with fresh foods from sources we trust. By working with local farmers, our menu changes as the seasons do. Supporting local also improves our economy and quality of life.

Think Green and Thrive

Sustainable growth is just as important as being sustainably conscious. We have incorporated recyclable and biodegradable packaging as part of our efforts.

Give Back

A portion of our profits are donated to local food banks. When you lunch, everyone lunches.

Our core values are the underpinning of what we do; they’re our roots. When we thrive, our community thrives, and that’s just what we want.

Meet Rootasters:

Ploy is currently residing in Massachusetts to pursue her passion on being rice specialist and believing in the power of nature. Growing up from exploring exotic places is her favorite with a cup of tea in her hand and a healthy meal in her tummy.


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