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Spring Into Freshness With Rootastes’ New Menu

Spring Into Freshness With Rootastes’ New Menu

Spring is a time for awakening. It’s a season of bright flavors, light dishes, and budding color. We kept these qualities in mind when planning the Rootastes spring menu.

Lemon is one of our favorite spring flavors. It’s tangy, slightly sweet, and adds juiciness to any dish. We’ve added lemon to our protein bases, including Norwegian Beef Stew and Lemon Salmon.

Spring is a time for cleaning both our homes and our bodies. Rosy Cod is our roasted cod loin served with a rosemary pesto, a wonderful option when detoxing.

Turmeric adds a bold color and unique aroma. We’ve created a turmeric puree and paired it with a garlic dry rub in our Moroccan Spiced Pork.

Our popular Heart of the Roots sides change based on which ingredients are in season, and we’re excited to introduce spring’s line-up.

Because It’s Spring contains sautéed mushrooms and asparagus in a brown rice sauce atop a spinach bed and garnished with fresh parsley.

Super Duper Slaw is an amazing slew of freshly picked red kale, cabbage, cucumbers, and radishes topped with a lemon dill cream sauce.

Broccoli x Masala starts with roasted broccoli tossed with nectarine shrub, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and lemon juice. Citrusy, savory, and delicious!

Orange meets Brussels sprouts in our Premium Set’s Lady Marmalade. The pair is tossed with a tangerine and cilantro shrub to create a bitter and sweet flavor.

Springy sauces include Mango Chipotle, Ginger Teriyaki, Very Berry Vinaigrette, and more. Our infused waters are Cucumber Mint Spice Shrub and Berry and Herb Shrub.

To top it all off, our dessert menu features Rhubarb Strawberry Tartlet and Evo Pudding, a mixture of avocado chocolate pudding topped with matcha powder and granola.

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Meet Rootasters:

Meg is a dreamer, entrepreneur, and homesteader based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She loves her cats, feasting, and road trips in her green VW Bug. 


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