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Spring into Lighter Layers and Lighter Flavors

Spring into Lighter Layers and Lighter Flavors

Our spring menu is here!

Spring is a time of shedding layers and embracing the lighter side of life. Clothes are lighter, dispositions are lighter, and with the first crop of the season now in harvest, our menu is lighter.

Our new protein picks include tangier takes on old favorites, including our Honey Apricot Chicken. For a citrus kick, order our Zesty Citrus Buttered Shrimp, served in a bright orange and lemon butter sauce.

Still hanging on to the savory flavors of winter? Our Boston Maple-Whiskey Steak is glazed with a honey whiskey Dijon glaze and served with charred onions and tomatoes. Balsamic Garlic Basil Pork is another savory option you can’t pass up.

As for our crispy tofu, we’re honoring heirloom beefsteak tomatoes in this season’s New England Tomato Potacchio Roasted Tofu. A flavorful vegan tomato-based sauce is slow cooked with fresh rosemary, basil, and garlic then tossed with our oven crisp roasted tofu.

Dress up your meal with our Heart of the Roots sides, including popular favorites as well as soon-to-be popular newcomers. Our vegetarian Time Flies Pot Pie bakes fresh vegetables and white button mushrooms in a savory vegetable gravy, topped with a crispy puff pastry.

On the lighter side, our Hello Gorgeous Salad tosses peppery arugula and mesclun with zippy oranges, crisp red onions, and crunchy fennel. Talk about green and sunshine!

Our Spring Forward Vegi Vegi is a non-soup take on this old-time classic stockpot classic. Roasted, garlicy baby potatoes pair up with bright rainbow carrots and green Brussels sprouts, and are then topped with a savory, colorful chimichurri.

Top off your meal with Strawberry Chocolate Delight, a fresh whipped chocolate mousse blended with chilled strawberry coulis.

Spring is here, and we couldn’t be more excited!


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