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Eat real food at your office on a time budget. Our healthy lunches are prepared daily and delivered fresh.

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We're delivering seasonal, healthy, global-inspired meals with a goal to do good.

Rootastes delivers the good food, and not just for thought. Our office lunch delivery menu are programmed according to the season, and are loaded with nutritional goodness. We source ingredients from local farmers to ensure freshness and quality while supporting our local economy.


Healthy, Delicious Meals

Our meals are prepped fresh each day using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. A full list of ingredients, allergens and nutrition information for all of our meals is available on our website.

Convenient Ordering & Delivery

Orders can be placed a day in advance of by 3 P.M., giving you complete control over your lunch. And, we offer delivery right to your desk to make your midday meal both easy AND delicious.

Effortless Paying

Whether ordering for the whole office or just for yourself, our seamless check-out options make ordering a snap!

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