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5 Signs You Need a Corporate Lunch Caterer

5 Signs You Need a Corporate Lunch Caterer

Whether you’ve offered employees lunch before or not, hiring a corporate lunch caterer is more beneficial than you think. We’re sharing five signs you need to get on it and order lunch.

You’re looking to increase your bottom line.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, for every dollar spent on corporate lunch catering, your company receives $3 back. That $3 comes in the form of employee productivity, as productivity skyrockets by as much as 150% when employees eat a nutritious meal for lunch. And don’t forget the tax benefits!

You want to offer employees an additional benefit.

Before negotiating a pay raise, did you know that more employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a raise? Corporate lunch catering is a perk that allows employees to not have to worry about packing lunch or leaving the office to get it, and can even ensure they eat a healthy lunch.

Millenials especially are known to spend more on health and fitness than any other generation, and as they now outnumber gen x in the workplace, corporate catered lunch is a benefit they would certainly stand behind.

Your company is implementing a wellness program.

Wellness programs are becoming all the rage, and there are numerous reasons why. Along with offering additional benefits and reducing employee turnover due to job dissatisfaction, wellness programs lower health costs and increase employee productivity.

Along with frequent breaks and on site exercise classes, healthy corporate catered lunch is a pillar to any wellness program.

You’d like to reduce employee sick time and save money on healthcare.

Healthier employees are not only more productive, they show up. Hiring a corporate lunch caterer ensures employees eat a nutritious lunch, enjoy a variety of healthy foods, and get sick less.

Poor health costs U.S. employers $227 billion in lost productivity as a result of sick days or employees working while sick. By keeping your employees healthy, you’re likely to avert these high costs.

You have employees with dietary restrictions or preferences.

Whether your employees have allergies or are vegetarian, there are corporate lunch caterers who can satisfy them all. Try to find a caterer that labels their menu when an item contains an allergen or is vegan, vegetarian, etc. for easy ordering. Check out Rootastes’ overview of dietary needs for more information.

Hiring a corporate lunch caterer has many benefits, both for the employee and the employer. Hungry for more? Read 5 Benefits of a Corporate Lunch Program.

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