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Corporate Lunch For Increased Productivity and Profit (Infographic)

Corporate Lunch For Increased Productivity and Profit (Infographic)

Offering corporate lunch to your employees is proven to increase productivity and profit.

It’s lunchtime. As you glance around your office, are your employees grabbing their coats and rushing out the door, or are they devouring at their desk? Each of these employees are respective to their time on the clock and are willing to work through lunch to finish the job.

A few hours after finishing your own lunch, your stomach is grumbling. Ignoring it, you send off that e-mail and move on to the next. About 30 minutes later, you notice your fingers slowing down on the keyboard and you feel like you’re thinking through a fog.

You, like your employees, most likely didn’t have the time to pack or pick-up a healthy meal. While you think you’re maximizing productivity during lunch hour, you’re actually impeding upon your productivity throughout the entire afternoon.

So, for a moment, let's take a closer look and consider how healthy food could deliver measurable benefits in terms of employee happiness and collaboration.

1) Healthy Meals for Real Productivity

Employees who enjoyed a healthy meal for lunch, however, work at an optimum level of performance. Not only does focus increase 46%, but productivity skyrockets as high as 150%. These employees received a rush of sustainable energy during their lunch hour that powers them through the afternoon. Their fingers type as furiously as they did first thing in the morning, and their thinking is sharp as well.

2) Healthy Meals for Happiness

When your employees eat healthy meals during lunch, they’re more productive throughout the day.

Not only do healthy meals increase productivity, they increase happiness as well, the latter also leading to a positive impact on productivity. A recent study found evidence for a positive association between mental health and fruit and vegetable consumption.

Participants who consumed more fruits and vegetables had a happier frame of mind. Happier employees are productive employees, as proven in a late 2009 study. Researchers concluded that subjects with an elevated happiness level compared to the controlled group increased their work output without a decline in work quality.

Simply put, employees who consume a healthy meal for lunch are happier employees, and happy employees work better.

3) Healthy Meals for Collaboration

When employees enjoy corporate lunch together you’re providing the opportunity for socializing, collaboration, and brainstorming- all of which goes back to your employees’ desks and into their productivity.In addition to, you’re likely to see friendships made across departments, which leads to diverse idea exchange.

4) Healthy Meals for Employee Satisfaction

Offering your employees a healthy meal delivered to the office is a phenomenal benefit, making them feel valued and appreciated. They don’t have to rush to find something to eat, and you’re ensuring they receive adequate nutrients to keep them productive and happy throughout the day. Appreciated employees are more satisfied with their jobs, increasing your company’s retention. Job dissatisfaction is a top reason for employee turnover in companies, but not in those with strong employee benefits.

5) Healthy Meals for Profit

Studies show that for every $1 invested in corporate lunch, $3 in employee productivity is gained.

Healthy Lunch = Productivity = Profit

It’s a simple equation that equals wins all around. When your employees win, you win and you all get lunch out of it. A great lunch can create a more positive and productive environment for employees and deliver measurable results to your company’s bottom line.

Imagine this: As you glance around your office, your employees take a giant collective sigh of relaxation. They transition from e-mails and projects to a communal table in the break room overflowing with savory fragrances, color, and warmth- all the makings of a healthy meal.They’re calm. Instead of rushing around and treating lunch as a chore, your employees are coming together as a community and enjoying their time together while eating a healthy meal. Two hours later, company e-mails are zipping back and forth and your office is buzzing with new ideas.

Check out the infographic below for the breakdown on exactly how offering food at work can boost employees' happiness and loyalty to your company. 

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Meg is a dreamer, entrepreneur, and homesteader based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She loves her cats, feasting, and road trips in her green VW Bug. 


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