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5 Ways You Earn When You Spend on Office Lunch Delivery

5 Ways You Earn When You Spend on Office Lunch Delivery

As the old adage goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In modern times, however, this is no longer the case. According to a 2015 survey by Seamless Corporate Accounts, 66% of working professionals had food options provided to them by their employer.

Although the cost of offering your employees office lunch can add up, the benefits lead to a sizeable return on investment in many ways.

Here are five ways you earn when you spend on office lunch delivery:

1) Productivity

Since productivity is the rate of production and effectiveness of productive effort, you want your company’s rate to be high. Hiring a corporate catering service has a huge effect on productivity, as high as 150%!

Along with heightened productivity, office lunch delivery increases employees’ focus by 46%, keeping their minds sharp and on task throughout the afternoon.

2) Morale

Offering your employees office lunch delivery makes them feel appreciated, which leads to them feeling proud of where they work and what they do. Valued employees work harder and are less likely to search for another job.

Job dissatisfaction is a top reason for employee turnover in companies, which requires time and money to fill vacant positions.

3) Collaboration

Many of us are guilty of shutting out the world, focusing on our computer screens and ignoring those around us. The break room is where the majority of a company’s social interaction occurs, especially at lunchtime. Not only are employees catching up on gossip, they’re networking and talking about their work.

You’re likely to see Sarah from accounting strike up a conversation with John from marketing, an interaction they’re not going to share while sitting at their desks. Inter-department collaboration brings diversity to ideas, and the best way to foster that is by utilizing a corporate catering service.

4) Healthier Workforce

Healthier employees are not only more productive, they show up. Studies show people who eat a wide variety of healthy foods get sick less, meaning fewer sick days and lost time.

Poor health costs the U.S. $576 billion per year, $227 billion of which is attributed to lost productivity as a result of sick days and working while sick. Employees who eat a healthy lunch are not only less likely to come down with a cold, they’re also less likely to develop medical conditions that require costly treatment.

5) Tax Perks

As if increased productivity isn’t enough, offering your employees a corporate catered lunch can be a tax write-off. If you provide lunch in your office strictly for the convenience of you (the employer), 100% of the lunch cost is deductible. If the average lunch cost is $11, that write-off ads up. 

Office lunch delivery may be a cost upfront, but what your company earns far outweighs what it spends.



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