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How Corporate Lunch Catering Can Satisfy Everyone’s Dietary Needs

How Corporate Lunch Catering Can Satisfy Everyone’s Dietary Needs

Food not only sustains us, it brings us together. We’re on a mission to make corporate lunch healthier- for everyone.

We understand that a menu can’t be “one size fits all,” especially when trying to accommodate an entire office.

Corporate lunch catering is a benefit meant to show employees they’re valued and create a community within the work place. When one employee misses out, there’s a gap in the chain.

At Rootastes, we strive to offer options for health conscious foodies, picky eaters, and those with allergies.

An Overview of Dietary Needs:

Our diets are not only a culmination of which foods taste good and are good for us, but also determined based on allergies, health concerns, and religious beliefs.

We’ve outlined a few of the heavy hitters below.

Vegetarian: A vegetarian avoids all forms of meat, including poultry, beef, venison, and fish.

Vegan: A vegan avoids all animal-based foods, including meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and honey.

Dairy Free: People avoiding dairy are usually intolerant to lactose- sugars in dairy- or casein- the protein in dairy. Along with milk and cheese, dairy free individuals stay away from whey.

Gluten Free: Gluten is the protein found in wheat and wheat-based products. It is a common allergen people try to avoid.

Allergies: Other allergies include nuts, shellfish, and soy.

Something For Everyone

Our popular bowls allow individuals to customize their lunch, and we have a variety of options that satisfy all of the dietary concerns listed above. With a complete build-your-own approach, you’re not only guaranteed to find something you like, but something different for each day of the week.

Easy Guide

We label all of our menu options vegan (V), gluten free (GF), contains eggs (E), contains nuts (N), and raw/undercooked (*) where applicable. If you have further questions, just let us know! We’re happy to accommodate everyone.

Keep calm and lunch on. We’ve got you covered.

Meet Rootasters:

Meg is a dreamer, entrepreneur, and homesteader based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She loves her cats, feasting, and road trips in her green VW Bug.


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