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Make Office New Year’s Resolutions a Thing

Make Office New Year’s Resolutions a Thing

We don’t shy away from setting personal New Year’s Resolutions or even team resolutions at work, but rarely do we set office resolutions. Yes, there is a difference.

Office resolutions focus more on health and productivity than on specific project goals. They also benefit both employees and employers alike.

We’ve compiled a list of office goals that go beyond both task oriented objectives and decorating a chic workspace:

Stay energized through the afternoon slump

Before you reach for your fifth cup of coffee, hear us out. Not only are our circadian rhythms to blame for the afternoon slump, but what we eat during the day plays a huge role as well.

The best way to remedy tiredness (or prevent it from coming on) is to snooze a full eight hours the night before (duh) and eat a nutritious lunch. Consuming vital nutrients keeps us full, energized, and focused throughout the afternoon.

Still not enough? Try chewing gum. It will help you concentrate< on even the most boring work tasks. Bonus points if you opt for mint, which combats fatigue and headaches.

Enjoy a healthy lunch. Every. Day.

We alluded to the importance of eating a healthy lunch above, but it’s so important we’re going to talk about it again.

Eating a healthy lunch increases productivity by 150% and focus by 46%. If that isn’t enough, employers who offer employees healthy lunch options see additional benefits, including increased collaboration amongst employees, lower health care costs, and a higher employee retention rate.

Plan successful and productive meetings

Did you know that workers spend 31 hours in unproductive meetings a month? That’s almost a full week!

Our favorite way to plan a successful and productive meeting is by scheduling it over lunch. Not only is there incentive to attend the meeting, having a time limit boils down meetings to the essentials, meaning the content is easier to comprehend and everyone can return to work more quickly.

Incorporate movement into your office

We don’t just mean office yoga (which is totally zen), movement can be incorporated into the office space in simple ways as well. Our favorites includes setting a timer for every hour to encourage pausing and stretching, investing in standing desks, and taking the stairs.

Spice up your work-life routine

Okay, this may seem more like a personal goal than an office goal, but spicing up your work-life routine can be a team effort.

Spicing up your wardrobe has an actual effect on yourself and the office. Check out the link between clothing choices and emotional states.

Make lunch special by enjoying it outside or with your co-workers, and be sure to enjoy something you look forward to (cue corporate lunch catering).

Spicing up your work-life routine benefits more than just you.

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just reserved for what we want to accomplish personally, they’re a wonderful opportunity to improve the health, happiness, and productivity of your office as well.

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Meg is a dreamer, entrepreneur, and homesteader based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She loves her cats, feasting, and road trips in her green VW Bug. 


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