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5 Tips for Admins to Keep a Clean Inbox

5 Tips for Admins to Keep a Clean Inbox

It’s shocking- but not surprising- that 28% of a work week is spent on email. Emails are super distracting, and paired with the fact that it takes the average person 23 minutes to get back on task after an interruption, it’s amazing we get anything done during the week. 

We truly believe that a clean inbox is the key to mastering your email routine. If the bulk of your email time is spent digging through a cluttered inbox or not knowing where to start, keep reading to learn how to take back control.

Start at zero.

Seeing thousands of emails in your inbox isn’t the greatest motivator to start cleaning it out. Create a folder titled Old Inbox and move all of your emails into it. 

When you have time, bulk delete old e-newsletters from your Old Inbox folder and categorize important emails into your folders.

Focus on folders.

Speaking of folders, create a folder for each of your clients or projects. Once you’ve responded to new emails, categorize them into your folders. You’ll still have a record without the clutter.


It’s easy for e-mail newsletters to monopolize the bulk of our inbox. Not only is the visual clutter overwhelming, it can be difficult to find important emails.

Ruthlessly unsubscribe from emails you don’t enjoy or find value in, and be sure you’re only subscribed to work-related newsletters. Promotional emails from your favorite candle company should go to your personal inbox. ;)

Automate recurring tasks.

Not only does automation save you time, it saves you emails! Instead of going back and forth with your team to set a meeting, your vendor to order supplies, or your corporate lunch caterer to place an order, automate. Plan one day a month to schedule all of your meetings and place all of your orders. You’ll reduce your back-and-forth emails as well as your email confirmations.

Create templates.

Do you frequently reply with the same information? Whether you’re in charge of client onboarding or HR, your emails probably look like twins…or gazillionuplets. Create a Word document dedicated to your common responses so all you have to do is copy paste.

Happy inbox zero!

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