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5 Business Lunch Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

5 Business Lunch Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

Is your company big into lunch meetings? Whether they provide the spread or it’s BYOL, lunch meetings can feel more relaxed and even be more productive.

To get the most out of your lunch meeting, be sure to avoid these five mistakes.

Getting right down to business.

The main objective of a meeting is to exchange information and talk business, but lunch meetings have another objective: building relationships.

Humans bond over food, and whether your lunch meeting is with a client on location or you’re meeting with your co-workers over catered lunch in a conference room, be sure to start the meeting by showing other attendees that you care about them beyond your working relationship. Not only does this build a deeper connection, you’re likely to work better together.

Eating a heavy lunch.

You’re deep in conversation and listening to your co-workers intently when suddenly, your stomach decides that it’s time to digest. Quite. Loudly.

Avoid the cacophony by opting for a light lunch. Along with preventing embarrassment, a healthier lunch will keep you energized and productive.

Focusing on your food.

Of course you have to eat your lunch, but during a lunch meeting it can be really easy to isolate yourself from the rest of the table by staring at your food. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast so you’re less inclined to scarf down your lunch and take longer in between bites so you have time to interject in a conversation if necessary.

Not having a facilitator.

Having a facilitator is super helpful in larger meetings to ensure all points are covered and the conversation keeps moving. During lunch meetings, a facilitator is especially important. Being mid-bite can prevent someone from chiming in something important before the conversation transitions to the next topic. A facilitator can look around and gauge who wants to speak and ensure they have a chance to before the topic changes. Not only that, they can keep notes that attendees can refer back to in case their minds recall how scrumptious their lunch was more so than what was said during the meeting.

Eating a messy lunch.

Similar to eating a heavy lunch, eating a messy lunch can lead to major embarrassment. Whether food particles are flying beyond your plate, you spill sauce all over your shirt, or lettuce lodges itself between your teeth, it’s essential to choose an easy-to-eat meal during a lunch meeting.

Opt for food that can be eaten with utensils, and if your go-to is salad, be sure to (discreetly) swish water around your mouth every few bites to ensure your teeth are free and clear.

Plan for ultimate productivity- and enjoyment! - at your next lunch meeting by avoiding these five mistakes.

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