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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Lunch

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Lunch

We’ve all had those days: massive deadline closing in with still so much to do that when lunch hour rolls around we’re hit with a decision. Logically, we think skipping lunch will save us time, making us more productive. But that’s far from the case.

Skipping lunch is actually counter-productive. Not only does it limit our ability to think, it throws off our metabolisms and causes us to make poor eating choices later on. Continue reading to find out why you shouldn’t skip your lunch.

You’ll have lower brainpower

Without the reboot of nutrients from lunch, your brain’s ability to problem solve and think dwindles, leaving you less productive as well as moody and irritable. On the flip side, consuming a healthy lunch has been proven to boost your productivity by up to 150%!

Your metabolism will take a hit

Skipping lunch causes a major drop in blood-sugar levels, which affects every organ in our bodies. This leads to blah feelings of tiredness and hunger as our bodies switch to starvation mode without the influx of lunch calories. Even if you eat later on, your metabolism will remain low because it’s not sure when it will receive a new supply of calories. If this becomes your routine, your body may turn to muscle as a fuel source, further shrinking your metabolism. And we all know a slow metabolism leads to weight gain.

You’ll make poor eating choices later on

When we’re hungry our bodies crave glucose, the main fuel supply of the brain. Skipping lunch robs our brains of glucose, causing us to reach for carbs and sweets as they provide an instant energy boost. Along with the imminent crash later on, we’re likely to consume more calories after skipping a meal.

Be sure to eat your lunch for improved brainpower, a healthy metabolism, and to make better eating choices in the long run.

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