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3 Valentine’s Day Meals to Cook for Your Loved Ones

3 Valentine’s Day Meals to Cook for Your Loved Ones

Why dine in a bustling restaurant when you can plan a more romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home? We’ve compiled three menu options that will make you swoon.

Dining in decadence.

Who says dinner in can’t be decadent- and easy? Pan sear this honey balsamic salmon and serve with a side of sautéed green beans for a healthy and elegant meal. Add in the Valentine’s factor with heart shaped dinner rolls and end with an elegant Jell-O Parfait. (We recommend swapping in whipped cream for an even more luxurious consistency.)

Love with the little ones.

So you couldn’t find a sitter for Valentine’s Day. Not to worry! This menu is as fun to prepare as it is to eat. (And everyone is guaranteed to love it!)

Snack on heart shaped veggies and cheese while you prepare personalized heart pizzas- with heart shaped toppings, of course. Finish with Sweetheart Thumbprint Cookies that fit perfectly in little hands.


Strawberry obsession.

Valentine’s day and strawberries are almost as good a match as you and your significant other. We love the red hue and the surprising flavor of strawberry ravioli with balsamic and basil. Finish with this silky strawberry pie.

Make dining in a new Valentine’s tradition!

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