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5 Food and Wellness Trends to Be Aware of in 2020

5 Food and Wellness Trends to Be Aware of in 2020

Certain foods and diets gain popularity and seem to disappear once the next craze kicks in. But while some trends are completely eye roll-worthy, many are just what we need to achieve the next level of health.

We’re sharing five food and wellness trends that you’ll be hearing about throughout 2020.

Intuitive Eating

It’s not a diet! Intuitive eating is actually an anti-diet. The premise is that when we tune into our bodies we will eat based on their feedback. The objective is to eat when you’re hungry and to stop before you feel full. As no food is off limits, intuitive eating strives to make eating pleasurable and guilt free.

It can be a challenge to get in touch with our intuition- especially food wise!- but longtime practicing intuitive eaters have been able to choose foods based on what their bodies crave, keeping them healthy and satisfied.

To learn more about intuitive eating, click here.

Overboard for Oats

Oatmilk is becoming the new go-to non-dairy beverage, and for good reason! Its thicker, creamier texture is similar to cow’s milk and it froths well. Not only that, it has a light oat-y flavor that doesn’t compete with other flavors in an espresso or tea latte that most nutty milks do.

Most oats are gluten free and all are considered heart healthy. Other than oat milk and oatmeal, enjoy oats in these 50 recipes. Oat panna cotta anyone?

Plant-Based Protein Options

Veggie burgers have existed for decades, but with the fast food giants jumping on the plant-based bandwagon, even more options are springing up. Gone are the days of dry, cardboard burgers, here are the days of juicy, flavorful, and crave worthy burgers that even meat eaters will want to take a bite out of.

Check out these 15 plant-based recipes.


More people want to celebrate without a hangover or limit the toxic effects of alcohol on their bodies. Whether you don’t like alcohol or try to avoid it, there are still plenty of delightful cocktails that will satisfy your lust for a sip.

Give these 40 recipes a try and reap the non-alcoholic benefits.


Adaptogen is a word you’ve probably heard but never understood. They’re a class of herbs that have stress reducing and immune boosting qualities. The most popular adaptogen is ashwagandha, a shrub, but holy basil, ginseng, reishi mushrooms, rosemary, milk thistle, and licorice fall under the category as well.

Adaptogens can be taken in supplement form or their powders can be added to smoothies.

Stay on top of the food and wellness trends in 2020! You’re sure to find one you love.

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