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5 Ingredients to Prepare You for the Spring Season

5 Ingredients to Prepare You for the Spring Season

Spring is the most refreshing season of the year. Flowers are popping up from the ground adding color to a sparse landscape, and the sunshine feels just a bit warmer.

Spring is also a time when we refresh our diets, transitioning from warming, cooked foods to fresh, colorful vegetable dishes. To get you inspired for the spring bounty, we’re sharing five of our favorite spring ingredients.


The epitome of spring, fiddleheads sprout all over landscape when the weather warms. These immature, green shoots of ferns are edible and quite delicious if seasoned well. Check out this article to learn how to cook fiddleheads along with recipes such as fiddlehead frittata, fiddlehead mushroom linguini, and fried fiddleheads. You can forage for them, or find them in food co-ops and at farmers’ markets.


Apricots come in season during the spring, and while most people enjoy them dried, they are equally delicious fresh and in cooked dishes. Add some sweetness to your pasta with this recipe using peaches and pesto, enjoy this sweet great grains salad, or low-cooked pork tacos.


Asparagus is sweetest in spring, and while it’s constantly shifted to the side, can easily be made the star of any meal. Try this sheet-pan chipotle lime shrimp bake or creamy garlic chicken with asparagus for dinner, or this outstanding maple balsamic roasted asparagus with cranberries and feta as a stellar side.


Spring garlic has been revered as the most delicious. Planted late fall, the crop is harvested from March to May as a young crop. Due to its youth, the cloves have typically not formed in the bulb, making it look more like a spring onion. Toss it in asparagus leek and green garlic soup, spring garlic pancakes, or spaghetti with green garlic.


Make your spring juicy. Honeydew is in season this time of year and can paired easily with other fruits in this honeydew blackberry salad with mint and honey lime syrup, drink it up in a honeydew agua fresca, or a cucumber-honeydew salad with feta.

Add a spring to your dishes with these five seasonal ingredients.

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