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Top 7 Japanese Dishes You HAVE to Try

Top 7 Japanese Dishes You HAVE to Try

Spring is here and we can’t get enough of Japanese food! Our Japanese Sakura Spring Menu includes a versatile offering of traditional Japanese dishes we’re sure you’ll love, but there are many more amazing meals offered by this beautiful culture.

So get your forks ready, we’re sharing the top seven Japanese dishes you HAVE to try!


Sushi is one of the most artistic dishes in the world. These bite-sized seaweed rolls are filled with different blends of fish, vegetables, and rice, and taste delightful when dipped in soy sauce.

Beef Gyudon

An all-time Japanese favorite! This Yoshinoya beef bowl blends tender onions sautéed in dashi broth with soy sauce, mirin, and of course, beef. Warm up with this hearty and flavorful dish.

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Love barbecue? Be sure to experience yakiniku! Diners sit around a table filled with cooked slices of meat and vegetables, often served on skewers. Bring your appetite, yakiniku is buffet-style dining.


Soba are buckwheat flour noodles, hence their gray/brownish color. A dish favored by Samurais, soba noodles have a similar texture to spaghetti but with a heartier flavor. Soba is traditionally served warm in a soup of vegetables, tempura, egg, and meat, or cold with a dipping sauce. Mori Soba is one such dish served with soy sauce, while Matcha Soba is served with green tea powder.

Pork Karei

This slow stewed curry is a staple to Japanese culture. A harmonious blend of tender pork, hearty root vegetables, and edamame in a traditional Japenese curry base, this dish is ultimate comfort food.

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Can’t stand eating your vegetables? Tempura is Japan’s solution for this common problem. Chunks of vegetables and meat are dipped in a light batter and then cooked in oil. The result is crunchy and lighter than the deep-fried foods served in North America.

Gyoza (dumplings)

Originating in China, dumplings made their way to the street stalls of Japan. These delightful pillows are often stuffed with different blends of pork, beef, chicken, vegetables, and beans.

Japanese food is fresh, savory, crunchy, and warming, an excellent way to transition to springtime.

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