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Cucumbers For a Cool Beauty Regimen

Cucumbers For a Cool Beauty Regimen

Contrary to the Princess Diaries’ Paolo’s proclamation, “The cucumber does nothing!,” cucumbers are actually a great addition to any beauty routine.

Known for their cooling, tightening, and moisturizing properties, cucumbers can be used year round.

Cool off

Cucumbers have made the ingredient list of many beauty products over the years, most notably for their refreshing scent. Just like the phrase “cool as a cucumber,” the vegetable is legitimately cooling. Spritz this cucumber green tea body spray on hot summer days.

Fake a good night’s sleep

Cucumbers are an astringent that tightens and balances oily skin. For puffy eyes, mask them in this cucumber & rose recipe.

Moisturize skin and lighten dark spots

With a water content of 96%, cucumbers are an excellent hydrator for our bodies and skin. Treat dry skin with cucumber lotion, and moisturize the face with this cucumber mint facemask.

As a bonus, dark spots on skin are caused primarily by a lack of moisture. Paired with toxin removing potatoes, these potato cucumber ice cubes are a great treatment for dark spots.

Whether you’ve used cucumber beauty products for their scent or have never given them a try, their benefits make them a worthy beauty ingredient.

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