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5 Ways to Provide Variety in Your Office Lunch

5 Ways to Provide Variety in Your Office Lunch

Do you pack the same lunch everyday? Or has your company fallen in love with a corporate lunch caterer who delivers the same thing everyday?  Chances are, lunch isn’t exciting anymore.

Varying our diets is not only important when combatting boredom; it allows us to consume a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.

When you’re stuck in a lunch rut, try this five ways to provide variety to your office lunch.

Order family-style.

Oftentimes people opt for the same menu item when ordering takeout out of convenience or habit, so find a corporate lunch caterer who serves family-style. What this means is you’ll order a variety of mains and sides that employees can then self-serve. Family-style makes it easy for you to vary your order- and for employees to connect over lunch.

Plan a potluck.

Engage your employees by planning a potluck. You’re sure to end up with a spread that’s versatile and ready to eat. Not only that, by putting employees in charge of a dish of their choice, they’ll feel more engaged with the office and will be able to spark conversation around what everyone brought.

Go global.

The most surefire way to ensure your lunch has variety is by ordering from a corporate lunch caterer whose menu is globally inspired. They’ll have delicious options with a variety of flavors from around the world.

Opt for seasonal.

Many restaurants are now serving menus based on what’s in season for your area. Along with supporting local farmers, reducing carbon emissions, and ensuring optimal nutrition in the food you’re served, seasonal menus change…seasonally!

Switch up the seating.

Adding variety to office lunch goes beyond the food. A main perk for providing lunch in the first place is building inter-departmental relationships, but when employees sit with the same people everyday, the lunchroom is bound to get cliquey.

Plan a lunch mixer where you require employees to sit with two to three people they don’t know. You’re not only varying what’s on their plates, but whose in the seats next to them.

Ready to order? Rootastes offers family-style lunches from our globally inspired, seasonal menu. That’s three checks on the list!

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