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Why You Want Egg on Your Face

Why You Want Egg on Your Face

To be caught with “egg on your face” is traditionally a phrase to describe an embarrassing moment, but in fact, egg is actually a great kitchen staple to slather on your face. We’re sharing the top benefits of adding egg to your favorite face mark recipes.

Skin clearing

If you’re experiencing a breakout or are prone to oily skin, eggs are known to clear blemishes, tighten pores, and reduce oil. We recommend pairing egg yolk with coffee grounds for extra exfoliation.


Conversely, egg is also a go to for adding moisture to the face. Mix an egg white with oats for radiant skin.


Egg whites have been compared to Botox for their natural tightening abilities, and users of egg white facemasks have claimed they work after the first application. Try this simple recipe to test it out for yourself.

Eyebrow thickening

Egg yolks contain biotin, a B-complex vitamin that helps with hair growth. For thicker eyebrows, apply egg yolk to them two to three times per week.

Adding egg to your beauty routine won’t cause embarrassment; it may even prevent it.

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