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3 Activities to Boost Company Morale

3 Activities to Boost Company Morale

According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 33% of employees believe they have reached a dead end in their career while 21% are eager to change careers. Since it can cost 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them, company morale is essential to a successful workplace. Below are three activities to boost yours.

Refresh your office.

It’s no surprise that we tend to work better in an organized environment, and the next step beyond finding a place for everything is brightening up your office space. Create a committee to allow employees to see how their opinions matter, and give them control over the project.

Be sure to provide a budget for seasonal decorations as well as other homey touches such as plant purchasing, break room refresh, and miscellaneous.

Why is a homey office more than just a pretty façade? Greenery has been proven to improve productivity and cognitive function, while a break away from our desks has also been proven to improve productivity. To entice employees to step away from their workspace, it’s essential to have a welcoming break room. As for holiday decorations? A little cheer is fantastic for anyone’s morale!

Take the team outside.

Whether you plan a full on outdoor retreat, an afternoon hike, or lunch in the park, time spent outdoors improves mental and physical health while reducing stress levels.

If that’s not enough of a perk, company retreats- even short ones- refocus employees, shows employees you care about their wellbeing, and boosts teamwork, of course. It’s much easier for your employees to connect when they’re not crunched by a deadline or working on an important project.

We love the idea of taking advantage of your local resources, whether your city has a beautiful waterfall hike nearby, a kayak rental spot on the river, or an aerial adventure park in the forest. Look beyond traditional teambuilding activities for something your employees will talk about for years to come.

Celebrate the holidays.

Just like pepping up the office, celebrating holidays is a surefire way to boost office wide cheer. Beyond decorating, plan holiday-themed events such as pumpkin carving, a Thanksgiving potluck, Easter egg hunt, or even a Fourth of July barbecue on a nearby lake.

Gather your committee, set a budget, and check out these fun holiday ideas.

Boosting employee morale doesn’t have to break the budget. Simply showing your employees you truly care about their wellbeing and appreciate their services to your company is an excellent start.

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