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5 Topics for a Successful Lunch and Learn

5 Topics for a Successful Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn programs are only as successful as their topic (and what’s served for lunch!). To reap their maximum reward, check out these five topics that are sure to set your program up for success.

Benefits explained

Nearly half of employees say that making health insurance decisions is “very stressful,” while 41% feel that their company’s open enrollment process is “extremely confusing.” Quell these fears with a Lunch and Learn dedicated to explaining your companies benefits packages, including health insurance, vacation time, and retirement, from social security to 401(k)s.

Time management

Work-life balance is the ultimate dream, but without time management, it’s likely stay in dreamland. But time management allows us to fit more in, increase our productivity, and still be able to do #allthethings. Teach time management tips at your next lunch and learn with these ideas.


Mindfulness has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve cognitive function amongst other amazing benefits. Lunch and Learn mindfulness topics could include meditation, doodling/coloring, nature walks, mantras, and more.

Software training

Microsoft Office may be commonplace in the office, but this powerful software has many features that your employees may not be aware of. Host a Lunch and Learn dedicated to advanced utilization of software used in the office, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, social media, and more. If you’d like to increase the knowledge of entry level employees, offer intro classes as well.

Life skills

Lunch and Learn topics can expand beyond those relating to work. Teach life skill or just for fun topics such as cooking, gardening, organizing, and more.

It’s best to have a variety of professional and personal topics to keep your Lunch and Learns fresh. Use these categories as a guide and watch your program- and employees- soar.

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