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3 Trendy Ways to Take Care of Your Body

3 Trendy Ways to Take Care of Your Body

We’ve scoured the Internet for the latest fitness and health trends from eating to exercising all the way to mental health. Below is our top choice from each category, and we’re sure you’ll reap benefits from giving just one of them a try.

Eating: Low FODMAP eating

The Low FODMAP approach to eating has been used by those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as a way to reduce their symptoms but there are benefits for everyone.

FODMAP is an acronym for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols- the fancy words for carbs. Eating Low FODMAP means cutting out certain carbs for a period of time to reduce inflammation, bloating, and to lose weight.

Low FODMAP is similar to the trendy ketogenic diet (keto), which reduces carb intake to less than 20 grams per day. Eating low carb deprives your body of glucose, causing it to burn dietary fat instead. Basically, the premise is to eat fat to lose fat.

The keto diet was developed in the 1920s. It works for many as it addresses multiple underlying causes of weight gain including hormonal imbalances such as insulin resistance and binging on empty calories as a result of feeling hungry (the result of many fad diets).

Low FODMAP and keto are catching on as an effective way to lose weight and relieve symptoms of illness and disease such as IBS.

Exercising: Cross training

The newest fitness trend, cross training works the entire body by varying the type of workout you do each day. This method helps you achieve a higher level of fitness as you’re working your body in a variety of ways.

Instead of focusing on a specific goal such as running faster or increasing your bench press weight, cross training works on these goals simultaneously. The focus is whole body fitness, not just in specific areas.

You’re also more likely to stick with cross training due to the variety. One day you may swim a few laps while the next you spend lifting weights or doing yoga. And you don’t have to spend money to cross train; it’s easy to do at home and ideal for anyone.

Mental: Cutting back on technology

Technology and social media have become integral parts of our daily lives, but more and more people are cutting back, going on “digital detoxes” or quitting technology all together.

Technology is hacking our brains, hijacking them to continually look for updates and notifications. Living behind our screens alters our interpersonal skills, weakening our relationships with one another and ruining our ability to focus. The media has even claimed technology is the new tobacco.

While going on a complete technology fast may be too extreme (think the diet equivalent of giving up chocolate), even small chunks of time unplugged can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Digital detoxers have noted better relationships, less anxiety, more restful sleep, improved memory, and even improved posture as a result of cutting back on technology.

Instead of quitting technology full turkey, start small. If you’re going to dinner with friends, keep your phone in your pocket. Turn off all technology at least half an hour before going to sleep, and spend that time talking with those around you or reading a book. Small shifts make a difference.

No matter what’s in style, taking care of your body is always on trend.

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