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7 Signs That You Need to Take Better Care of Your Health

7 Signs That You Need to Take Better Care of Your Health

It’s the subtle aches and pains we live with that can be silent signs of more serious issues. We’ve compiled a list of seven of these signs you should pay more attention to get back on the healthy bandwagon.

Brain fog and exhaustion

It’s nearly impossible to think through brain fog. We all experience it if we’ve had a poor sleep the night before or didn’t eat well during the day.

You may have insomnia or even anemia and nutrient deficiencies, especially if you’re a woman. Long-term side effects of constant fatigue include heart problems, depression, poor mental ability, and weight gain.

If more sleep doesn’t do the trick, definitely get your blood nutrient levels tested.

Dry skin

Everyone has dry skin in the wintertime, but if no amount of moisturizer will keep your skin satisfied, you could be deficient in fatty acids. Before you go to your nearest fast food joint, not all fats are created equal. Stock up on healthy fats like avocados, walnuts, and olive oil.

Tingling in your hands and feet

Our feet tingle when we sit wrong, but if tingling in your hands and feet is a constant, you may be deficient in vitamin B12. “B” sure to consume foods that are rich in blue-green algae, eggs, and dairy to prevent worsening conditions down the line, including anemia. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, opt for a supplement.

You’re frequently sick

Catching every cold your kid brings home or the new virus that’s running rampant throughout the office is a sign that your immune system isn’t capable of doing its job.

Stress, lack of movement, nicotine use, poor eating habits, and more leave your immune system exhausted and you sick. If this is the case, no amount of vitamin C supplements will help you, you have to address the root problem.

Ensure you’re sleeping well and eating fresh foods. If movement is a challenge, stand up at your desk periodically and stretch.


We’ve all experienced acne, but if you’re enduring an un-relentless breakout, stress and poor eating habits could be the culprit. Try getting extra sleep and cutting down on sugary and starchy foods, as well as cow’s milk.

Muscle twitches in your legs

If you work an office job or spend a lot of your time sitting, you may experience the occasional muscle twitch in your legs. However, if these spasms are a constant occurrence, you may be deficient in magnesium. Left untreated, magnesium deficiency can cause abnormal heartbeats, which can lead to more serious problems.

To keep your heart happy, include more almonds, pumpkin seeds, and bananas in your diet. A warm bath in Epsom salts won’t hurt either.

You feel anxious or irritable

It’s normal to feel anxious and annoyed, but if that’s you’re norm, there’s something wrong.  Burnout is a state of chronic stress that leads to physical and emotional exhaustion, feelings of cynicism and detachment, and a sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment.

The best way to treat burnout is to enjoy two consecutive days off without working- that includes answering calls, emails, and texts. If you’re significant other or family are causing you stress, take a mini selfcation or go with a friend. Basically, disconnect from everything that’s causing you to burn out.

Be sure to eat well and sleep longer than usual. If the Sunday night blues roll around and you find that you’re dreading going back to work, see how you feel after a two week vacation. If you still get the Sunday blues, it’s time to re-evaluate your job or your situation.

Pay attention to the signs your body is giving you. Sometimes a simple fix is all you need.

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