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5 Meal Prep Shortcuts for Busy People

5 Meal Prep Shortcuts for Busy People

Eating is essential to sustaining our energy levels, health, and productivity, yet many busy people find themselves unable to find the time to do so. We’re sharing five meal prep shortcuts to ensure you have a slew of healthy meals ready to go.

Dig out your lunchbox.

You pack lunches for your kids, so why not include yourself in the meal prep routine? Create a meal plan for the week and dedicate leftovers to busy weeknights or next day lunches.

If you’re packing from scratch, prepare foods that can be reused for a week’s worth of lunches. Quinoa, for example, can be dressed with Mexican pizazz, gone Greek, or be enjoyed in a simple salad.

Have extra ingredients? Your freezer is your friend.

Take shortcuts.

An increasing number of grocery stores are offering delivery or parking lot pick-up. Place your order before leaving work and it will be ready by the time you get to the store- or even your doorstep!

Another shortcut is to buy pre-cut produce and prepared meals and condiments from the deli. Be sure to check the ingredients list to ensure that what you’re buying is wholesome.

Add pressure to release pressure.

Pressure cookers are all the rage- and for good reason! Healthy meals are cooked in minutes, and pressure cookers preserve more of a food’s nutrients.

If you have a bit of extra time in the morning, go for the crockpot. This low and slow method of cooking will have dinner ready by the time you get home.

Get it delivered.

On days when there is literally not a minute to spare, order a healthy lunch that can be delivered right to your office. Keep your favorite meals bookmarked on a company’s app for easy ordering, or highlight a takeout menu for a quick phone call in.

Opt for corporate lunch catering.

Let someone else do the work. Plan a recurring delivery for your office to automate the process. Your corporate lunch caterer will prepare your healthy lunch and deliver it too!

Now that you have the meal prep tricks, be sure to schedule time to eat!

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