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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Lunch at Your Desk

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Lunch at Your Desk

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and many office workers find themselves continuously hunting for more. One way they manage to fit more work in is by eating lunch at their desks, the age old “working lunch.”

If you’re part of the two-thirds of Americans who eat lunch at their desks, we’re here to show you why lunch hour should be considered sacred.

Increased productivity.

While taking a lunch break for increased productivity may seem counterintuitive, there’s research behind it.

Lunch breaks allow our brains to disconnect and relax, and eating lunch itself is essential to power us through the afternoon. In fact, employees who enjoy a healthy meal at lunch experience an increase in productivity of almost 150%.

A boost in energy.

Is the afternoon slump a norm in your office? Taking a lunch break is the antidote.

In fact, employees who get 10 minutes of exercise during their lunch break three or four times per week reported feeling more energetic in the afternoon.

Not only that, time spent outside is a huge boost for creative thinking.

A closer team.

Can lunch breaks really strengthen your team? Oh yes! Companies have reported that when employees spend their lunch breaks together, collaboration increases, managers seem more approachable, and retention rates soar.

But why? Lunch breaks are less structured. They’re a break. People are less likely to feel guarded in an informal setting and are likely to strike up conversations with employees beyond their department, thus boosting cross-departmental collaboration and efficiency.

Ready to experience the positive effects of taking a lunch break? Back away from your computer, grab your healthy lunch, and enjoy.

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