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5 Things to Do in Boston During Springtime

5 Things to Do in Boston During Springtime

Boston is blooming this time of year, and after months of finding indoor activities or heading to the mountains to ski, the weather is finally conducive for in-city outings. Here are our five favorites.

Hit the Freedom Trail.

Boston is abuzz with Revolutionary history. Even if you trekked the Freedom Trail on an elementary school field trip, there’s more to know and more to appreciate. Particularly the beauty of the city’s historic centers! We recommend grabbing lunch to go and enjoying it in Boston Common and Public Garden.


Eat local and visit your farmer.

The year’s first crop is coming in, and eating locally grown produce does wonders for you, the farmer, and the local community. Not only that, food tastes better fresh from the farm!
Believe it or not, Boston has many nearby farms you can visit (check for hours on their websites). If you can’t make the trip, head to a farmers’ market for a sample, or order your next lunch through Rootastes. The majority of our ingredients are sourced locally. ;)

Paddle down the Charles River.

Relish the beauty of Boston from a different angle. Whether you canoe, kayak, or sail, the tranquil Charles winds through many awe-inspiring views. Don’t have a boat? Check out rental opportunities.

Go on a foodie tour.

Outdoor dining takes flight in spring, and Boston has a mecca of savory food options. From cafes to restaurants to food trucks and almost every ethnicity you can imagine, be sure to start your tour hungry and bring plenty of boxes for to-go!
Follow this guide and discover a new neighborhood.

Take you shopping outside.

Ready to shed those winter layers and stock a few new items in your spring wardrobe? Not only is Newbury Street renowned for its shopping options, its elegant brick façade adds charm to the experience. While shopping is definitely an indoor experience, the hits of fresh air in between stores is refreshing.
Rejoice! It’s springtime in Boston.

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