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5 Activities to Keep Your Workforce Engaged Through Fall

5 Activities to Keep Your Workforce Engaged Through Fall

After a busy summer, fall can come as such a relief. But while our routines seem more consistent as the kids go back to school, it’s easy to feel like we’re running around even more than in the summer months. Pair that with the upcoming holidays and it can be a challenge to keep your employees engaged with work

To combat this, we’re sharing five fun fall activities to that build your company culture and keep your workforce engaged.

Pumpkin decorating contest.

Whether your team opts to carve, paint, or add their own spin, a pumpkin-decorating contest is a super fun way to infuse festivities into the day without being too distracting.

Set-up a decorating station in your break room that employees can use when on lunch, or just have them bring in a decorated pumpkin from home. Once the contest is over, let the pumpkins stay awhile and add to the office décor.

If you want to go big, host an office/cubicle-decorating contest. Everyone is sure to smile with the added bit of seasonal cheer- and happy employees are more productive employees.

Spice-up your break room.

It’s pumpkin spice season, people! Why not infuse the pinnacle flavor of fall into your break room snacks?

Ask your employees what their favorite fall foods and flavors are, and stock them in the break room. Whether it’s pumpkin spice coffee k-cups, microwave caramel corn, or apple cider, the gesture is sure to perk up everyone’s mood.

Plan holiday parties.

Why did holiday parties end in elementary school? The joy they bring is totally priceless, and when it comes to adults, morale is super important in the workplace.

For Halloween, opt for office trick-or-treating complete with costumes or just let employees leave early to be home in time to take their own kids trick-or-treating.

If you don’t want to plan a full Thanksgiving feast, host a pie day with employees bringing in their favorite picks.

Celebrate the season with office lunch.

Fall is a delicious season! Cast away summertime sadness with a lunch your employees will love. Nothing strengthens relationships more than an informal meal together. Not only that, serving a healthy lunch will lead to increased productivity throughout the afternoon.

>Be sure to opt for office lunch delivery to cut down on the stress and time it takes to pick up an order. Not only that, having a ready to eat meal will allow employees more time to socialize, thus building your team and keeping them engaged with work.

Plan a fall-themed team building activity.

Team building has major benefits, and the most effective way to build your team is to plan a fun activity outside of the office for everyone to participate in. And fall brings plenty of opportunities!

Head to a corn maze and divide into teams of people who normally don’t work together and see who makes it out first. Or take a less competitive approach by simply apple picking or completing an outdoor obstacle course.

Get creative and show thanks to your employees with these engaging and morale-boosting activities.

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