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Lemons for Easy Peasy Beauty

Lemons for Easy Peasy Beauty

Lemons have been long renowned for their cleaning properties, but this fresh scented fruit can also make your beauty routine easy peasy lemon squeezy! Learn why when life gives you lemons, you should squeeze them into these homemade remedies.

Even Skin Tone

The high content of citric acid in lemons (up to 8% of their dry weight) makes this citrus a powerhouse for evening skin tones.

Bleach your knees and elbows by rubbing half a lemon over them, lighten dark spots and blemishes, and even reduce the streaky orange residue left by at-home tanning products.

Nail Strengthener

If your nails are weak and brittle or you’ve been overdoing it on the gel manicures, give them a boost with lemon juice. Mix 3 tbs. of olive oil with 1 tbs. lemon juice and apply nightly before bed to take advantage of each ingredient’s moisturizing properties. Nails will be left brighter and stronger!

Teeth Whitener

Skip the strips. Simply mix lemon juice with baking soda (another natural whitener) and apply to teeth once ever 2-3 weeks for six weeks. You’re likely to experience fresher breath as an added bonus.

Oil Be Gone

Pairing egg whites and lemon juice in a facemask have been go-to ingredients for tightening large pores and reducing oily skin. Check out the recipe on this site and learn more about why you actually want egg on your face here.

Hair Lightener

Add highlights to your hair without an expensive salon appointment. Lemon acts as a catalyst to natural sun-lightened hair without the chemicals. Follow this recipe for beautiful, natural highlights that won’t leave your hair robbed of moisture.

Get to the grocery store or ask life to start sending you more lemons. ;)

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