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5 Ways to Fall Into a Fitness Routine

5 Ways to Fall Into a Fitness Routine

Fall is the ultimate cozy season. It’s a time for breaking out the chunky sweaters, sipping hot apple cider, and enjoying the harvest. While it’s easy to slip into a lazy routine, fall is actually an excellent time to kick it up a notch and boost our fitness levels.

Check out these five easy ways to fall into a fitness routine you’ll love.

Get outside!

Sans humidity, fall is the BEST season to exercise outdoors in. Along with no humidity (a blessing on its own), fall brings cooler temperatures, pretty leaves, and no mud season- unlike spring.

Enjoy the sights by going for a run outside or hiking along a local trail. It may be too cool to swim, but you can still hit the water in a kayak or canoe. Despite the fact that kayaking is done sitting down, it provides excellent health benefits

Even fall chores can help you stay in shape! Raking leaves alone burns between 120-178 calories per half hour.

Give food trends a try.

It’s pumpkin spice season, people. While we can’t get enough of apple cider, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin spice everything, fall is actually the ideal season to try a new food trend. Grocery stores are loaded with fresh, local produce, and the cooler weather is wonderful inspiration for cooking in a warm kitchen.

This fall we’re all about the Mediterranean diet, the inspiration behind our seasonal menu!

Check out our Fall menu!

Take a new fitness class.

Have you always dreamed of dancing on pointe or been curious about spin classes? Fall is the best time to try something new! More fitness classes begin in the fall with the kids back to school, allowing you to get into a routine before the holidays.

Visit a local orchard.

Along with the sunshine and walking, picking apples at your local orchard has other health benefits. With more fresh produce in the house, you’re likely to eat healthier and absorb more nutrients.

Bring home a variety of produce (such as pumpkins, squash, and greens) and try a new recipe. We love this sweet potato apple soup, pumpkin baked oatmeal, and this Autumn Kale, Apple, and Quinoa Salad.

Watch TV.

We’re not saying be a couch potato! Many favorite television shows- and football!- return in the fall, meaning more incessant commercials. Take advantage of this droll time by trying these simple strength-training moves in your living room, or schedule your gym time around your favorite show. You’re sure to not be interrupted that way!

Personally, my favorite exercise utilizes a 90s favorite- the Thighmaster. Call me old school, but I’m lazy and love using this miracle worker while lounging on the couch. It even works for triceps! While I found my Thighmaster at a yard sale (I’m cheap too), you can still find them online.

So make like the leaves and fall into movement!

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