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Make Your Beauty Regimen Peachy Keen

Make Your Beauty Regimen Peachy Keen

Peaches are more than a sweet scent. Originating in China, peach leaves were used by women as an anti-aging agent- part of why peaches are still the Chinese symbol of immortality.

The rejuvenating and healing properties of the fruit itself are plenty. Peach’s antioxidants have anti-inflammatory effects on the body and are rich in phenolic and carotenoid compounds, both of which are touted to anti-tumor and anti-cancer.

Here’s how you can add this bright fruit to your beauty regimen.

Fresh face

Folates in peaches replenish the upper most layer of skin while lutein promotes skin elasticity. For glowing skin, try this peach facemask.

For days when you need a little moisture, opt for this peach and cypress facial oil. It’s also great for oily skin!

Bright skin

Exfoliate with the cheery scent of peach! Sugar whisks away dead skin cells while peaches add an anti-aging flair in this peach tea sugar scrub.



Ease into a bath of Epsom salts and the sweet scent of peach and hibiscus with this recipe.

Peaches may be a summer fruit, but their benefits can be enjoyed year round.

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