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Redesign Your Work-Life Routine For Improved Mental Health

Redesign Your Work-Life Routine For Improved Mental Health

Working a typical 8 to 5 shift has us in front of a computer for hours, often landing us low on the mental health meter. The United Kingdom Department of Health and the Confederation of British Industry reveals 15-30% of workers will experience some form of mental health problem during their working lives.

The work-life routine of many is full of stressful activities with a few boring ones in between. We may not be able to call in sick everyday, but we can make our routine non-repetitive and less overwhelming, boosting our mental health and work-life satisfaction in the long run.

According to American film, television, and stage actor, Robert Urich, “A healthy outside starts from the inside.” Keep reading for a few tips on staying healthy from the inside out by mixing up routine habits.


Dress Fierce, Work Fierce.

Dressing professional is necessary for office workers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and play with your outfits. A recent study proves a real connection between clothing and emotion, meaning wearing certain clothes can affect our emotional states.

According to Caroline Adams Miller, a professional coach and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology program, “The science of happiness has found that we have ‘positive interventions’ that can change our mood, and when we deliberately intervene on our happiness by wearing things that evoke positive feelings, positive reactions from others, or that remind you of positive experiences, you will be happier.”

Instead of relying on a uniform everyday, try new clothing fits and styles and find what’s most flattering for your shape. Try wearing a theme of colors or patterns like stripes, polka dots, and scotch, the latter being an excellent addition to both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Experiment with accessories to make a statement.

On a budget? Hit up your local thrift or consignment store, or start an office clothing swap.

Dressing up not only improves your mood, it puts you on your “A” game and boosts confidence. Work it!

Make Your Office Lunch Special!

If fast-food has become your lunch go-to, it’s time to change that. Eating nutrient-rich foods not only boosts your mood, it boosts your performance at work.

Making your own lunch doesn’t have to be time consuming or boring, especially with a little planning. On Sundays, make a meal plan for the week and shop accordingly. Include interesting and delicious foods on your menu that are high in fiber and easy to cook such as a Miso Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl or Mushrooms and Wheat Berries and Chicken. (You can enjoy these for dinner and have leftovers for lunch!)

If you’re crunched on time, try finding a restaurant that offers BYO- build your own. You’ll be surprised at the fun concoctions you come up with, and building your own lunch allows you to know exactly what’s in it.

Get Out!

If you work in a big city, it’s likely you have access to many attractive places such as public parks, museums, and the riverside. Get out in that sunshine and wander city spots near your office. Sunlight lowers blood pressure and can cure depression, and inviting your friends and co-workers to join you is an added bonus. Enjoy that healthy lunch and good vibes!

Mental health and physical health are the keys to keeping you healthy from the inside out. Redesigning your day with small changes will make you happier, more productive, and satisfied with your work-life ritual in the long run. Dress fierce, eat special, and get out!

Meet Rootasters:

Belle is an organic lover who found out her passion in a healthy lifestyle while studying MasterDegree in Boston. What makes her happy is simple, wandering around the riverside on her runningshoes, roaming in downtown with her sister and spending the day in her place to do somehandicrafts or making homemade meals all bring a smile on her face.


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