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Steep Your Way to Youthful Beauty

Steep Your Way to Youthful Beauty

Drinking green tea is a proven to retain youthfulness due to the leaves’ high antioxidant content. Many of these same benefits can also be enjoyed when including green tea in your beauty routine, making it a true elixir of youth. Here’s how:


When applied to the face, green tea reduces inflammation, increases skin elasticity, and reduces the appearance of pores. For ultimate benefits, apply this simple green tea toner.  To reduce dark circles under the eyes, opt for this green tea repairing eye cream.


The quickest way to freshen the look of skin is to remove dead cells by exfoliating. Reach for this green tea scrub to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. It’s gentle enough to also be used on the face.

Along with its anti-aging properties, green tea has also been a known liver detoxifier. Soak in these benefits by preparing a green tea detox bath.


Green tea adds moisture and shine to hair, which is why it’s an ingredient in this hair rinse. Use this rinse if you’re trying the no shampoo trend, or if your hair is feeling heavy from product build-up.

If you’re all for shampoo, opt for this recipe that also promotes hair growth.

Steep your way to youth with green tea- both in your diet and beauty regimen!

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